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The Lady Cannon Company is a lifestyle as much as it is a brand. A brand celebrating women who celebrate women. Bringing together the badassery and sincerity of women in the motorcycle industry and beyond. An empowering of women who take no shit while working towards supporting and bettering those around them.


The motorcycle industry is where the concept was born. A community filled with badass women who are constantly breaking the mold of what it means to be a "lady." We are here to celebrate them, but we are also here to celebrate all woman living this lifestyle and those who want to adopt it.

Kindness and toughness.

Sincerity and strength.

Power and empowerment.

20% of all profits will go directly to Milwaukee domestic violence shelters. Other money raised will be used to grow the business, advocacy, and to be a part of local events.

Hi, I'm Paige.

I started Lady Cannon in January of 2023 as a means to give back to a community that I love, and to bring women together in and around the motorcycle industry. Whether you ride every day or have never thrown a leg over a motorcycle, I welcome you. Being a Lady Cannon is about being a good human and a bad bitch. Taking no shit but doing no harm. I can't believe how much of a community has already grown around Lady Cannon and I truly feel honored and so fucking excited about the future of this brand and all the good we can continue to do.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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