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2020 HD Heritage Classic 114 - Dominee Sunshine

Mermaid Treasure III - enough said.

This throttle Thursday we are celebrating true love, of the Mermaid Treasure lll.

A 2020 Heritage Classic 114, bought fresh off the showroom floor 9 months ago. A bike she swore she’d never buy and never ride.

MT, as owner Dominee Sunshine calls her “was everything I wanted and I didn’t know I wanted in a bike and more. I’m a short bitch at 5’4 with no legs and all torso. I’ve always hated forward controls on my bike but they felt comfortable and natural on her.”

As an avid motorcycle camper and long distance adventurer seeker, MT provides Sunshine with the space and comfort for both. The bike is also teal - which just so happens to be Sunshine’s favorite color.

The bike has been left pretty much stock by Sunshine. An if it ain’t brought don’t fix it - kind of thing. She loves the bike as is and doesn’t feel the need (YET) to make any modifications!

Most favorite road to ride.

Any road, if I have the wind in my hair, and my hand on the throttle I'm happy, my mind is quiet and my heart is full.

Tell me about your favorite trip you’ve taken with your bike.

Last year me and my 2 best friends @fastlanefever and @joeburchracing tackled Utah, a sliver of Arizona and Nevada! We camped every night, hit Arches, Zion, Monument Valley, Extraterrestrial Highway, and Mexican Hat! We got pulled over, rode through a flash flood, saw wild horses, rode through huge tunnels in mountains, slept under the stars, peed behind lots of bushes and on the side of all the roads, drank alien tequila and took so many pictures and videos to remember it by! But most importantly Spent time with my favorite people doing what we all love the most!

Awards/contents/shows your bike has been featured in.

She's just won my heart. ( COME THE FUCK ON. <3

Why do you love this bike?

Honestly, she's my favorite thing in the entire world. To be able to throw your leg over on a bad day and ride till your heart stops hurting, you internal monologue quiets and you feel that peace.. nothing compares. She's gotten me through some of the darkest moments of my life and on any given day there is never anywhere else I'd rather be than riding MT!

Favorite song to listen to when you ride.

Oh shit. Wellllllll depends on my mood, but typically I'm scream singing Kat Hasty Highway Song or The Lowdown drifters Fire in her eyes.. or something else that Bobbi will tell you "shit that makes cowboys cry."


When asked how the bike makes her feel, Sunshine’s reply says it all. “Happy, genuinely happy. There is no competition to the feeling of riding your motorcycle… she’s not anything special but to me she’s the most special. That’s the dream right - being able to be exactly who you are and loved unconditionally as you are.”

I’m not crying - you’re crying. (I’m most definitely crying.)


Check out Instagram to follow Sunshine's adventurers and shenanigans!

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