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Brooke Tilidetzke - Women's Feature

On Mondays we will be putting a spot light on bad ass women. Women who are involved in the motorcycle industry and those who are not. Women who not only rad as hell, but also great people. Whether you’re a mom, a business owner, a racer, an artist, or somewhere in between - we want to highlight bad ass people doing good things!

So this week we are taking a day to appreciate Brooke Tilidetzke. She is a force behind the camera lens, a lover of all things Vans shoes, and an all-around great time!

I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke on the dance floor at the Tennessee Motorcycle and Music Revival in 2022, little did I know we lived in the same city. We were instant friends, connecting over the pure joy the sun, the booze, and the music was giving us.

Brooke is an incredible talent with a camera and a good human being - she’s incredibly supportive, kind, and a great friend!

Check out some of her work here and be sure to give her a follow!

And if you have any women, you’d like us to highlight in the future - DM Lady Cannon Co!

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