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Cait, Sassy Pants - Women's Feature

If you have been to just about any motorcycle event across this county you have probably seen this woman. Normally sporting a cool outfit while riding one of her insanely badass custom bikes. Sassy Pants as she is often referred, is a staple in the women's motorcycle community. She is a pillar of what it means to be a bad bitch and good human and if you don't follow her you sure should.

Cait grew up in Michigan, and although that is her home base - she is everywhere. She runs the brand Renegade Babes, an edgy apparel company geared towards females in the motorcycle industry along with Espe and Co, a vintage boutique. In addition to those endeavors, she also flips houses for a living, is an artist, and is a jack of all trades.

Sassy never grew up on motorcycles and no one in her family rode. She says, "My parents were super against me getting one but when I was 20 I decided I was going to ride one so I went out and bought an 883 without knowing how to ride. It took me a very long time to get comfortable on a bike and I ended up only riding that bike for 4 months before purchasing something bigger."

She puts on MILES. You can find her riding all over the country and at nearly every event. Cait said that one of her favorite events from this year was TMMR, Tennessee Music and Motorcycle Revival, a motorcycle rally at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in western Tennessee.

Although Cait puts many miles on alone, she is often spotted riding with four legged passengers. Maggie and Mia, are Aussies who usually ride short distances in a backpack while Mac, her Frenchton, rides across the country with her in a carrier. Cait explains, "I travel solo across the country so it's really nice having a dog companion to tag along."

When asked about bad bitches and good humans, Sassy explains, "To me being a badass means showing up as your true authentic self no matter what. It's about doing everything you want to do even if you're scared. It's looking fear dead in the face and giving it a wink.

To me being a good human means staying true to your morals and always treating others the way you want to be treated. It's about making the right choices even if they are hard."

She also wanted us to know that she was a girl scout back in the day. "Nerd alert" she stated. Earning every achievement possible and spent much of her time doing community service work, whether that was volunteering at local soup kitchens or teaching homeschooled children how to read.

Cait is the exact type of human being we look to celebrate and support here at Lady Cannon. A women blazing new trails in the industry, breaking the mold of what it means to be a women on a motorcycle, and lifting up others as she goes. Her brand, Renegade Babes, is a tribute to those who are "rebelliously different," celebrating those who pursue their passions while showing up as your true self, no matter what.

Follow Cait on Instagram @sassy_pantss.

Renegade Babes @renegadebabes.

Espe & Co. @espe_and_co

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