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Hannah Lange - Women's Feature

Hannah Lange is a Wisconsinite through and through. When she is not racing high powered motorcycles, she is farming. She moved back to her hometown in 2022 to take on the farm life with her boyfriend. Between racing and farming she also finds time to work as a sales associate at Southeast Sales Powersports in Milwaukee, which fun fact is the oldest family owned powersports company in Milwaukee - it was established in 1964.

Hannah races flat track. Left turns on dirt circles for those who don't know, so much more for those who do. She competes all over the state and Midwest chasing checkered flags and helping advocate for herself and others, as a female rider in a male dominated sport.

She took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her life and her racing. Enjoy.

What is your dream motorcycle to own? I have had the privilege to demo several styles and brands of motorcycles working in a dealership setting. From what I have tested, I LOVE the Indian Scout Bobber and would love to have a custom one or build a custom street tracker.

How did you get started riding motorcycles? My father Roger, he was in the stock car scene when I was a toddler. My father’s motto was to give us a childhood we enjoyed and to keep us out of trouble. Growing up with my two younger brother they were always tinkering with motors. Race cars weren’t ideal for kids under the age of 10, so with the help of a few of my father’s friends we got into flat track racing.

Have you ever competed/raced your motorcycle? I currently race flat track within the state of Wisconsin and occasionally venture to other tracks outside of WI. I compete within the District 16 area in several different classes. I have ran everything from pit bike classes, women’s only classes and (according to district officials) was privileged to be the first female competitor to win an adult co-ed level championship. I now coach other young females and advocate myself to get females in general to join the race scene. If its only for an event or two or long term. Who runs the world? GIRLS

Favorite motorcycle related event. It is a tie for me between the Dairyland Classic or Flat Out Friday. Both events showcase different levels of competition and talent levels with bringing a large array of riders throughout the country and beyond. The Dairyland Classic will always hold a special part in my heart being able to compete on the same track that my father did when I was growing up.

Is there a motorcycle event that you haven’t been to yet that you have already wanted to attend? Babes Ride Out or Babes in the Dirt. I love meeting other female riders from any discipline. One day I will make this trip happen!

Do you have any pets? LOTS and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am a huge animal lover. I have a home full of fur babies with 3 dogs and 3 cats. Denver a black labrador, Dixxon Levi a miniature daschund, and Annabelle a German Shepard. You will often see me at the track with my crew chief (Denver) and water boy (Dixxon). I GUARANTEE you will hear my crew chief Denver barking in excitement when I am on the track.

Do you have any kids? I will always have a home full of fur babies but maybe one day a human baby will appear.

Do you have any parenting advice? (WHETHER YOU HAVE KIDS OR NOT - I WANT IT) From growing up at the track - don’t be one of “those” moto parents. Encourage ALL competitors your kids race against to push their boundaries and HAVE FUN. No one wants their hard work and dedication ruined by negativity.

What does being a badass mean to you? Confidence! Unapologetically be proud of who YOU are. Be who YOU want to be. BREAK THOSE BOUNDARIES

What does being a good human mean to you? Being humble. Know who you are. Be proud of that. Encourage others to find the confidence in themselves while being humble and spreading the good vibes.

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