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Katie Naimo - Women's Feature

This week we are featuring Katie Naimo, a Pennsylvania girl, born and raised. Katie works as a product developer for an international tour company but her badassery doesn’t stop there.

Katie’s love of motorcycles grew from her teenage years but didn’t start riding until her boyfriend Matt encouraged her to learn, starting by putting around the backyard. And as Katie says, “it’s been a party ever since.” 🤘🏻

Katie rides a 2017 Honda Rebel, a 2022 Honda Trail, and most elusive of them all a 2022 Stout Boonie - Bae Edition. (Only one ever made.)

One of Katie’s bikes was asked to be featured last year at Milwaukee’s Mama Tried motorcycle show, and placed her on the cover of PA’s Thunder Roads magazine. (I have a framed, signed cover - no big deal.)

Check out more of her interview at the Lady Cannon website this week! And follow all of her socials to stay up to date with what cool shit she’s getting into!

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