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Pan America Special - Lauren Swanson

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Lauren Swanson rides everything.

She works for Harley Davidson, traveling all over the country running events and riding motorcycles. Her bike of choice lately, is a Pan America Special. "I've put around 20,000 miles on it in the last year and a half and now I'm taking it to the dirt! I also ride a Triumph Street Triple and a Honda CRF250 dirt bike. But give me two wheels, and I will ride it."

Lauren has a really cool job. She explains that she "get(s) to plan and organize events for women who ride, such as working with Babes Ride Out, hosting women's rides in Sturgis and Daytona, and partnering with local riding communities to support new riders with Learn to Ride courses. I have big dreams on what Harley-Davidson can do for women who ride and every year I get to meet hundreds of amazing women across the country and hear their stories and they inspire me!"

Although she rides it all, when asked why she loves the Pan America specifically she says, "I love this bike because it is an all-around adventure. It handles the curves beautifully and then you can rip it off road and go on roads I've never been able to before. The bike also lowers when it comes to a stop so even though it is a taller bike, I feel that it is accessible to shorter legged humans like me. It also does long distance really well and I can put down 800+ miles without worry."

"This bike makes me feel empowered. Everyone looks at it and thinks it is such a big bike and I'm such a tiny woman, but it inspires others around me to feel that they can do it too. It challenges me and takes me to places I never thought I would see. It has helped me form strong relationships with friends old and new. And it has made me a better rider all around."

Lauren does it all - not only does she ride bad ass bikes and work for everyone's favorite company, but she also is the business mentor for the Iron Angels, which is an all-female team of high school students. "We are teaching them how to build a flat track motorcycle from a Harley-Davidson Street 500. Not only do they learn to wrench, but I help them with social media presence, sponsorships, websites, and more."

Learn more about the Iron Angels on Instagram at @theironangels.

Be sure to also follow Lauren on social media @booksbikesandbrewcity.

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